fire rated glass
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Fire Rated Glass is a Bear Glass specialty

bear glassLife and death situations require products which have been tested to their limit, Bear Glass Fire rated glass has the certification and accreditation required to give peace of mind to architects, developers, fire officers and the occupants or visitors to any structure where our fire rated glass products have been installed.

Generally, any type of glass that can withstand the fire test and therefore resist passage of smoke, flames and hot gases, is considered "fire-resistant glass". These glasses are then further categorized and rated according to special criteria. Typically, the rating is based on how long a particular type and size of glass will withstand fire. Classifications range from 20 minutes up to 3 hours.

Ordinary flat glass cannot withstand extreme temperatures, and breaks at around 120° C. Fire-resistant glass must be able to withstand 870° C for a selected period of time and remain in its frame. Testing can include using water to rapidly cool the hot glass to test its ability to withstand thermal change. The purpose of this test is to test a real situation in which water from a sprinkler system shatters glass intended to function as a barrier, and thus permits smoke and fire to spread and escalate to the next level.

Primary Uses

fire rated glassBear Glass Fire Rated Glass products come in a variety of thicknesses and styles, their use and application is as part of a system which has been tested to achieve the correct rating. Steel and Hardwood systems are available all harnessing the benefits of Fire Rated Glass to allow easy exit from a building or area by passive protection if the worst should ever happen. All our Fire Rated Glass products are etched stamped with the details of the type and rating a specific thickness has been tested to and we can advise on the best use of Fire Rated Glass in specific situations. The trend for fire doors and screens is definitely toward incorporating more glass in new ways, there are many new clear glass options available in addition to traditional wired glass.

Specially toughened glasses and clear laminated units have transformed the way architects think about fire protection in doors and screens as open plan and frees pace planning is the way of modern life.

We stock a wide range of Fire Resistant Glass, classified by levels of integrity and insulation to contain the spread of flame, smoke and heat. By using our Fire Rated Glass in contemporary fire door solutions, architects, specifiers and their customers have an extended range of options from which to specify - addressing both protection levels and appearance.