fire rated glass
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Benefits of Fire Rated Glass

  • Restricts spread of flames, smoke and hot gases
  • Maintains integrity when fractured or sprayed with water
  • Proven real-life performance
  • Available in clear and textured versions
  • Cost effective fire resistant solution
  • Tested in widest range of sizes and applications
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Suitable for use in many different framing systems
  • Readily available and easily cut
  • Accepted by Fire and Building Control Authorities
  • Acts as deterrent to would-be intruders

Where is Fire Rated Glass used:

Fire Rated Glass is used particularly in compartmentation of a building. Doors and partitions are used to protect corridors and egress ways from flames and heat for fast and safe evacuation of a building or quick access to the source of a fire by emergency personnel. One of the key design benefits of using Fire Rated Glass is to bring natural light into the heart of a building to enhance the environment and distinctive design features while maximizing the safety of its inhabitants. This leads to the use of Fire Rated Glass in walls, floors, fa├žades, doors and roofing systems all designed to isolate and contain a fire.