fire rated glass
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Bear Glass Ceramic Glass

ceramic glassCeramic Glass is a category of fire-rated glazing that has entered the market during the past 12 years. Ceramic has long been known for its amazing ability to withstand heat and thermal shock. That’s why today you can find ceramic in everything from cooktops to car engines. Once the technology was developed to form a clear product out of ceramic, it didn’t take long to see the potential for its use as a fire-rated glass.

Ceramic glass is a specific glass compound that is heat resistant. It has a very definite tint and is used as an entry level Fire Rated Glass. It is important to note this is not a safety glass, it can only be used where the human impact standards do not apply. Like Georgian wired glass Ceramic glass has limited applications and restrictions on how it can be used.

Glass ceramic is also available made into insulated glass units (IGU). The IGU are made of two layers of glass with an air space in between. They can incorporate many types of float glass - clear, tinted, Low-E, mirrored, etc. Depending on which components are used, they provide not only fire protection but comply with energy codes as well. The IGU's are sometimes used for interior applications where sound reduction is desired.